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Van Morrison - San Francisco, CA (04/04/04)

Van Morrison
April 4, 2004
Masonic Auditorium
San Francisco, California USA
source: audience recording -> ? -> SHN
Download: SHN/MP3
01. Inarticulate Speech of The Heart #1
02. Have I Told You Lately (Las Vegas Version)
03. Once In A Blue Moon
04. Back On Top
05. In The Midnight
06. All Work And No Play
07. Into The Mystic
08. Whining Boy Moan
09. Wonderful Remark
10. Little Village
11. One Irish Rover
12. That’s Life
13. Stop Drinking
14. Philosopher’s Stone
15. Fire in the Belly
16. Precious Time
17. All In The Game > You Know What They’re Writing About > Make It Real One More Time > Rainbow 65
18. And The Healing Has Begun
19. Gloria
John Allair
Ned Edwards
David Hayes
Matt Holland
Bobby Irwin
Martin Winning

Van Morrison - New York, NY (11/01/74)

VM 1974 Felt Forum Front
Van Morrison
The Felt Forum
New York
November 1, 1974
Download: FLAC/MP3
Audience Recording
Source: Unknown equipment and taper
Original Lineage: AUD > ? > CD > EAC > WAV > mkwACT > SHN
see additional lineage notes 
01. Intro for Van > Naked In The Jungle (4:33)
02. Street Choir (5:05)
03. Warm Love (4:20)
04. Bulbs (4:04)
05. Into The Mystic (7:12)
06. (fades in) Help Me (3:51)
07. Joyous Sound (3:20)
08. I Believe To My Soul (4:36) – Missing
09. (fades in) Listen To The Lion (7:38)
10. (fades in) I’ve Been Working (4:14)
11. Take Your Hand Out Of My Pocket (3:47)
12. Twilight Zone (8:56)
13. Moondance > Fever (8:54)
14. Brown-Eyed Girl (3:31)
Band Members
Van Morrison – guitars, keys, harmonica, alto saxaphone & vocals
Pete Wingfield – piano & backing vocals
Peter Van Hooke – drums & backing vocals
Jerome Rimson – bass & backing vocals
Music fades in on beginning of tracks 06, 09 & 10
applauses fades out on end of tracks 05, 08 & 09
There is a fair amount of hiss throughout and, as with most audience sources, the occasional conversation of those near the mic.
Additional Lineage Notes by happy jack
shn > wav (reworked with nero6 and audacity) > flac level 6 (by tlh)
1)On all tracks i used nero 6 declicker settings with detection threshold at 100 % and maximum length at 3.0 ms. also used decrackle settings with detection threshold at 30 % and reduction level at 30 %. This removed some hiss without loosing any of the music,voices and natural sound.
2)On track 09 i used audacity to remove 2 pops at about 5 seconds and 6:34
Historical Note: During Twilight Zone, at the point where the audience got very boisterous and the people near the mic began laughing, Van had hopped up on the piano. The rat-a-tat at the end of the song was Van doing a little jig/tap dance from the top of the piano.
The Felt Forum show is most certainly one of the last and best recordings made before this door closed. Did Van begin his hiatus at his peak, or was it time for a change? Perhaps he believed the latter, but in this instance, only the listener can decide. We hope you will enjoy this selection. While its sound is not quite what we grew accustomed to in the 90s, it is very fine when one considers the year 1974. More importantly, the performance it captures stands the test of time.
Additional Notes:
no where in the original info. does it pertain this recording as being the Celtic Soul Productions Volume 3 which was a 2 disc set. The second disc was of exclusive photographs taken at the Felt Forum show. That second disc included 17 color photographs, in three size variations, all neatly presented on a data-only disc which i did not receive. So i do not know how this compares to that specific recording.
This is a Fantastic Recording and Show. Don’t let the flaws scare you
added notes by happy jack
received this in 2003
added updated info. text
original info. text included
original shn files included
original md5 included checked and passed
added flac fingerprints for new reworked flac files
SBEs Fixed checked and passed
Front Cover Art included
Most of all Give Thanks to the taper

Van Morrison - Stornoway, Scotland (07/14/05)

14 JULY 2005
Download: FLAC/MP3
CD1 :
01 Celtic Swing
02 Have I Told You Lately [Las Vegas version]
03 Days Like This
04 Stop Drinking
05 Bright Side Of The Road
06 All Work And No Play
07 Baby Please Don’t Go
08 All Saints Day
09 Moondance
10 Here Comes The Night
11 Jackie Wilson Said
12 Cleaning Windows
13 Back On Top
14 Don’t Worry About A Thing
CD2 :
01 Wonderful Remark
02 Help Me [false start]
03 Irish Heartbeat
04 Celtic New Year
05 Precious Time [scat ending]
06 Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
07 Star Of The County Down
08 Brown Eyed Girl
09 Gloria
The Van Morrison Band : Ned Edwards, David Hayes, Matt Holland, Mark T Jordan, Bobby Ruggiero, Martin Winning.
Equipment : Sonics + PCM-M1 > Creative > Cool-Edit Pro > CDWave > flac level 6 > you
Notes : small edit of 2 secs at 1m 48s due to taper’s incompetence
My Lineage
Cd-rs>EAC to WAV>TLH to FLAC level 8>You

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Van Morrison - Hamburg, Germany (06/04/89) "Wolf Remaster"

Van Morrison Stadtpark Hamburg front
Van Morrison
Hamburg, Germany
Download: FLAC/MP3
I previously published the non-Wolf remaster here.
FM-Broadcast from Norddeutscher Rundfunk ( NDR2 )
First time remastered in 2001, newly remastered in 2005
This new remaster is based on the old remaster. I have primary
enhanced the sound quality ….. a WOLF Remastering
001. Yeah Yeah ( Georgie Fame )
002. Aint It Funny ( Georgie Fame )
003. Whenever God Shines His Light
004. Tore Down A La Rimbaud
005. Vanlose Stairway
006. Itís All In The Game
007. Orangefield
008. When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God
009. Help Me
010. Northern Muse ( Solid Ground )
011. These Are The Days
012. Summertime In England
013. Iíd Love To Write Another Song
014. Caravan
015. Moondance

Van Morrison & The Chieftains - Belfast, Northern Ireland (10/28/87)

VAN MORRISON with The Chieftains
‘The Late Late Show Tribute To The Chieftains’
BBC Balmoral Studios
October 29th 1987
Download: FLAC/MP3
Excellent Quality, Great Performance
Transferred and Authored by JTT
1. Star of the County Down
2. My Lagan Love
3. Marie’s Wedding
The notes indicate that this includes the video, but I do not have the video – Mat

Monday, September 4, 2017

Van Morrison - San Francisco, CA (02/02/74)

VM Winterland Cover
Van Morrison
Winterland Arena
San Francisco, CA
February 2, 1974 (Saturday)
Download: FLAC/MP3
The VLS Version
audio cleaning of the original VHS files > DVD LPCM > Audiology and Roxio Sound Wave > Flac (see complete notes below)
I previously posted the original version in MP3 only here.
Disc One
01. Ballerina *
02. Streets of Arklow *
03. Just Like A Woman *
04. Four O’ Clock In The Morning >
It’s A Family Affair
05. Banter > Into The Mystic
06. I Just Want To Make Love To You
07. Moondance
08. These Dreams Of You 
Disc Two
09. Listen To The Lion
10. Wonderful Remark
11. Warm Love
12. Help Me
13. Here Comes The Night
14. Gloria
15. Caravan >
Band Intros. ** >
You Dont Pull No Punches, But You Don’t Push The River >
16. Cyprus Avenue >
All Your Revelation >
It’s Too Late To Stop Now
* – Van on Acoustic
** – Caledonia Soul Orchestra
Source Notes
This is the VLS Version of the Van Morrison Winterland Show, it is not an upgrade or a remaster. It represents an audio cleaning of the original VHS files that were converted to DVD LPCM sound files and then tweaked with Audiology and Roxio Sound Wave to give the sound a much richer audio. You must remember the source and also take this for what it is on face value, a good update of an early Van classic performance. This VLS version also includes some songs that were not available on the original CDR versions of this show
Flaws that were fixed by happy jack with audacity
flac > audacity (export as wav) > flac level 6 (by tlh)
track 01 removed dropouts at 1:37, 2:12, 2:46, 3:16, 5:04 and cleaned up some pops. there are still some problems with track
track 16 removed dropouts at 4:43, 5:06, 6:19
Band Members
Van Morrison – guitar,keys, harmonica, alto saxaphone & vocals
James Trumbo – piano & keyboards
Ralph Wash – guitar
David Hayes – bass
Dahaud Shaar – drums
Jack Schroer – saxophone
James Rothermel – saxophone
Dorothy Morrison – backing vocals
Bill Combes – backing vocals

Van Morrison - Santa Monica, CA (06/29/73)

Download: FLAC/MP3
01. I Believe To My Soul
02. Moonshine Whiskey
03. Wild Night
04. I Just Want To Make Love To You
05. Buona Sera
06. Listen To The Lion > band intros
07. Wild Children
08. There There Child
09. Sweet Thing
10. Gloria
11. Domino
12. Green
13. Into The Mystic
Trade CD > EAC > dbPowerAmp > flac