Friday, September 23, 2011

Misc. Comps, Alt-Takes and Other Oddities


This page holds all the Morrison boots that don't fit anywhere else.

The Bedroom Tape
The Christmas Album:
The Christmas Album: Vol 1 & 2: FLAC/MP3 
Little Village Comp: FLAC/MP3
Dark Knight of the Soul: MP3
Dominion Man: FLAC/MP3
Evil Genius 2 (1974-1977): FLAC/MP3 
Got to Get Back to the Greek: FLAC/MP3
Gypsy Soul: The Lost Studio Demos 1968 to 1971: FLAC/MP3
Hard Nose the Highway Live
Irish Troubadour : MP3@192
Little Village Compilation: FLAC/MP3
Mama Mama Look at Emma Rose (MP3 Only) 
Mechanical Bliss: MP3@224
Naked in the Jungle: FLAC/MP3
Outtakes, Part I (Covers): FLAC & MP3
Outtakes, Part II (Originals): FLAC & MP3
Pagan Streams 1991: MP3@256
The Rare 70s Tape: FLAC/MP3
Rocks His Gypsy Soul - FLAC & MP3 
Studio Outtakes & Demos
Tape Tree Vol. 1: MP3 only
Tape Tree Vol. 2: MP3
Tape Tree Vol. 3: MP3
Tape Tree Vol. 4: MP3
Tape Tree Vol. 5: MP3
Tape Tree Vol. 6: MP3
Tape Tree Vol. 7: MP3
Tape Tree Vol. 8: MP3 
Tape Tree Vol.  9: MP3
Tape Tree Vol 10: MP3
Tape Tree Vol 11: MP3
Tape Tree Vol 12: MP3
Tape Tree Vol 13: MP3
Unplugged in the Studio: 1968 - 1971 - MP3 Only
Them & Van Morrison: 1964 - 1970 Video Anthology: Video 
Van’s Diggadiggs (1980-2007): FLAC & MP3 

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