Monday, March 18, 2013

Van Morrison Bootleg: "Please No Moke" - Deventer, Holland (03/09/67))

Van Morrison
Please, No Moke! (bootleg vinyl LP)

I do have this boot, but I have no yet uploaded it. Stay Tuned!

KUX 009 (Released April 10, 2003)

Side A

One More Time
If You And I Could Be As Two
Hey Girl
Sad Eyes
Mystic Eyes

Side B

Just For Fun
Appleknockers Flophouse
Travelling With The Blues
Hobo Blues
Window Of My Eyes (symphonic version)
Gli Uragani - Your Body Not Your Soul

(Italian cover) See also the Discography entry on the 1984 vinyl boot Please No Moke!

All of side A recorded in Buitensocieteit, Deventer, Holland, March 1967 (note: vs the 1968 date given on Please No Moke!).

Notes: The first vinyl Van-content bootleg in many years. 500 were pressed.
Brian Heffler notes: "The first side is identical to Please No Moke. The second side is entirely different. The front cover is the same except for the "S" in front of MOKE. The back cover is entirely different. The labels are different."

From the Dutch eBay site where this was first noticed: "Fantastic LP of Cuby + Blizzards featuring Van Morrison of Them. On this album you will find unique recordings from 1967 when Van Morrison played with Cuby + Blizzards in Deventer, Holland . The songs were broadcasted in the programme "TIEN-R", on medium wave Dutch radio. 12 Tracks on this album including a symphonic version of "Window Of My Eyes" and a rare Italian cover of the killer "Your Body Not Your Soul".

The other tracks are : One More Time, If You And I Could Be As Two, Gloria, Hey Girl, My Lonely Sad Eyes, Mystic Eyes, Just For Fun, Appleknockers Flophouse, Travelling With The Blues,
Hobo Blues."

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