Sunday, March 17, 2013

Van Morrison Bootleg: Various Dates - "Here Comes Van Morrison"

Here Comes Van Morrison

I do not have a copy of this show at this time.

(First reported March 2004)

Them: NME Pollwinners

Concert Wembley
11th April  1965

Here Comes the Night (2:55)
Turn On Your Lovelight (6:16)

Them: 1964 Demos

Stormy Monday Blues (5:22)
Don't Start Crying Now (1:34)

Them: Live For The BBC 1965

All By Myself (3:09)
Gloria (2:47)
One More Time (2:43)
Here Comes the Night (2:50)


Non-CD Track

Mighty Like A Rose (3:52)

Them: Live in the USA 1966

Baby Please Don't Go (2:32)

Van Morrison & The Blizzards:
Deventer 1967

One More Time (3:25)
If You And I Could Be As Two (3:16)
Gloria (3:37)
Hey Girl (5:09)
My Lonely Sad Eyes (2:42)
Mystic Eyes (3:07)

The Monarchs Showband: Ariola Studio, Cologne, West Germany.
Van Morrison on saxophone
Boozoo Hully Gully (2:00)
Twingy Baby (2:14)
Total time: (59:31)

A digipak silver CD boot.

Cover says "An Aste'RISK-DISK' ReKording for Whistling Oyster Productions (c) 1963-67"

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