Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bootleg: the Amsterdam Tapes (With Dr. John)

Van Morrison & Dr. John
Amsterdam's Tapes
Archivio CD 013 (ARC CD 013)
(Made in Italy by Phonocomp (P) 1991)

Fever (Davenport/Cooley) (4:09)
I'll Go Crazy (Brown) (3:00)
Baby Please Don't Go (Williams) (4:20)
Santa Rosalia (Mac Rebennack) (4:16)
I Just Want To Make Love To You (Dixon) (5:20)
Shakin' All Over (Heath) (4:17)
I Believe Into The Music (Morrison) (5:05)
Total time: (31:07)

Recorded live at the Vara Studios, Amsterdam June 24, 1974 [sic - see below]
Musicians: [sic - see below]
Van Morrison: Lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Dr John: Piano, organ, back-up vocals, percussion
Mick Ronson: Lead guitar, back-up vocals
Leo Nocentelli: Rhythm guitar
Art Neville: Organ
Jo Modeliste: Drums
George Porter Jr: Bass

Review from Carsten Brenski: The CD must be a recording from a radio broadcast in the Netherlands. The sound is not too good, even regarding it has been broadcasted (no bootleg). But it's still worth listening, though. And the show is real rare. See also the bootleg vinyl album Amsterdam's Tapes, and the CD tree The Wonderland Tapes See the Glossary entry for Dr. John for more information. Note: from Simon Gee I've had correspondence from a friend of the Meters, and they say they are certainly not on this and have never recorded with Van!

The date is also wrong - it's 1977. The line up is the same as other shows around this time and the Wonderland tapes - Dr John, Mo Foster, Mick Ronson, Peter Van Hooke. Obviously the Italian 'producer' of the boot made up his sleeve notes!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Concert Notes: Van Morrison Family Dog, Denver, CO (10/13/67)

Van Morrison
Family Dog
Denver, CO

I could find very little information about this show, and as far as I can tell no recording exists. I've not seen a setlist either.  There is this poster from Mouse and some basic info about it, but that's all.   One additional not I have says that the street in front of the club was blocked off in some checkpoint fashion leading patrons to believe that the club was either raided or closed.