Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bootleg: Van Morrison - A Sense of Blue

van morrison a sense of blue

A Sense Of Blue
(bootleg vinyl LP)
No label number - blue vinyl

Side A
Mr. Thomas (4:35) - Mannheim 2-16-84
What Would I Do (4:50) - London 6-9-84
You Don't Know Me (3:40) - London 6-9-84)
Tore Down a la Rimbaud (3:40) - Cardiff 10-14-84
A Sense of Wonder (7:10) - Cardiff 10-14-84

Side B
Boffyflow and Spike (2:45) - Cardiff 10-14-84
Ancient of Days (3:15) - Cardiff 10-14-84
A New Kind of Man (3.15) - Cardiff 10-14-84
The Master's Eyes (4:00) - Belfast 10-20-84
If You Only Knew (2:20) - Dusseldorf 2-14-84
Thank God for Self-Love (3:30) - London 6-9-84
Crazy Jane on God (studio-outtake for A Sense Of Wonder)

All live tracks are as noted.

Source: Diana De Roo

Additional notes: "Crazy Jane On God" appeared on test pressings of the A Sense Of Wonder album. It had to be removed from the final released version of the album because permission had not been obtained from the W. B. Yeats estate for the use of the poet's lyrics. This track is scheduled to appear on The Philosophers Stone presumably because Yeats' work is soon out of copyright (in 1999).

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