Monday, September 23, 2013

Bootleg: Van Morrison - Live Unapproved


Van Morrison Live UNAPPROVED
(bootleg CD)

  1. When Will I Ever Learn (5:07)
  2. Full Force Gale (2:15)
  3. Beautiful Vision (3:58)
  4. It's All In The Game (5:34)
  5. Orange Field (3:24)
  6. Give Me My Rapture (3:39)
  7. Bright Side Of The Road (3:42)
  8. Vanlose Stairway (4:27)
  9. Dweller On The Threshold (4:01)
  10. Thank God (3:01)
  11. Into The Mystic (4:54)
  12. Northern Muse (6:16)
    Total time: (50:18)
This appears to be a "cut/chop" job of the The Church of our Lady St. Mary boot. Review by Bob Johnson (Oct/96, in Australia):
The sound quality is pretty poor so I haven't played it much since I bought a year or so ago. I relistened to it the other day and was surprised to hear "Thank God" which of course I've been listening to on the Tell Me Something CD.

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