Monday, December 30, 2013

Bootleg: Van Morrison - New York, NY (06/30/95)

van morrison

Van Morrison
Paramount Theater
New York City, NY
30th June 1995

Disc 1
01 Symphony Sid(GF)
02 Did Ye GHet Healed
03 Real Real Gone
04 Tore Down a la Rimbaud
05 Whenever God Shines his Light
06 Days Like This
07 Raincheck
08 Sweet Thing(BK)
09 See Me Through/Soldier of Fortune/Thank You Falettinme Bemice Elf Agin
10 Ain't That Loving You Baby
11 Satisfied
12 No Religion
13 You Don't Know Me

Disc 2
01 Tupelo Honey/Why Must I Always Explain
02 Melancholia
03 Vanlose Stairway/Trans Euro Train
04 I'll take Care of You/It's a Man's World/Haji's Rap/When The Clock Strikes
05 It's All in the Game/Make It Real One More Time
06 Cleaning Windows
07 In The Garden/Daring Night/You Send Me
08 Gloria
09 Buena Sera

Download the bootleg: Nathan's Rock Moat

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