Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lit Up Inside - The New Book of Lyrics by Van Morrison

lit up inside by van morrison
I've mentioned before that I write reviews and such like for a few sites including Cinema Sentries. Normally I don't post them here as this blog has become solely a bootleg place and I figure you guys just want the music not my rambling about pop culture. However since most of you are big Van Morrison fans I thought you might be interested in my take on his new book of lyrics (spoiler alert - I loved it.) So if you like come on over and give it a read. Then if you like you can give it a purchase.

I always try to be upfront with everybody here so I will now say that I will not receive any sort of compensation if you buy the book via that link or any others. I did receive a free copy of it, but I never made any promises to promote it or say nice things. I really do think its fabulous which is why I wrote the review and why I'm willing to promote it here. I'd be happy if you read my review, but the purchase is completely up to you.