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Bootleg: Van Morrison - Tirol, Austria (07/15/89)


Somewhere Over The Mountains
Imst Festival, Tirol, Austria
July 15th, 1989)

Downoad MP3@320: Amazon

01 – Did Ye Get Healed?
02 – Whenever God Shines His Light
03 – Cleaning Windows
04 – It’s All In The Game
05 – I Will Be There
06 – Orangefield
07 – Tore Down A La Rimbaud
08 – Help Me
09 – When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God
01 – These Are The Days
02 – Summertime In England
03 – Caravan
04 – Moondance/Fever
05 – Northern Muse (Solid Ground) / When Heart Is Open
Van Morrison: vocals, guitar, harmonica, saxophone
Georgie Fame: keyboards, vocals
Bernie Holland: guitar
Neil Drinkwater: keyboards
Richie Buckley: saxophone
Steve Gregory: saxophone, flute
Brian Odgers: bass
Dave Early: drums
Archival Recording & Preservation: Unknown
Digital Mastering: Jörg
Additional Mastering: Manfred
Digital Remastering: WOLF
Artwork: KnightOfSoul
Tree Administration: Udo
Special thanks to Rolf W.
Lineage: SBD > ? > DAT > Digital Remastering (WaveLab) > CDR
A vantrades CD-R Tree Production
FreeMorrison January 4th, 2012

Bootleg: Van Morrison - Castellon De la Plana, Spain (06/21/08)

Van Morrison
De La Plana Spain

Download: FLAC/MP3

CD 1
01. Intro
02. Cleaning Windows
03. Magic Time
04. Have I Told You Lately
05. Keep It Simple
06. That’s Entrainment
07. In The Afternoon
08. Moondance
09. The Song For Home
10. The End of The Land
11. Saint Dominic’s Preview
CD 2
01. Vanlose Stairway
02. Behind The Ritual
03. Ballerina
04. Help Me
05. Lover Come Back
06. Steal My Heart Away
07. Burning Ground
08. Healing Has Begun
FreeMorrison Notes:
FFP, auCDTect Flac Reports, new MD5’s, and Original and New Digital Enhanced Art Included.
All files have been ID’d and the info updated and they are ready to burn or play in your favorite media player(New Digital Enhanced Art Made to help separate the 1st night Show (06.21.08) and the 2nd Night Show (06.22.08) which I will post next).
According to the Home Page of  The Van Morrison Soundboard recordings   By Eberhard Fritz
This show is listed as a SOUNDBOARD RECORDING Bootleg from the old Van Morrison Web Site.  This would explain the brilliant sound clarity found here.
After further investigation and help form my good friend in the UK “Behindtheritual” –  I have discovered that in fact on Eberhard’s website that only 5 tracks from these two concerts were soundboard and they were posted on the Van Morrison website. They are in fact these tracks> #1 Vanlose Stairway from the 21st
#2 Keep It Simple, #3 Wavelength, #4 Astral Weeks & # 5 Ballerina from the 22nd. These are the SBD tracks.
I want to thank my good friend Norm for sharing these Castellon shows with me.
When  I 1st received them and listened to them I could not believe my ears, and knew there was something special about these shows. Not only is the sound clarity amazing – but Mr. Grumpy – Van Morrison is in a swinging mood.
This comes through the speakers clear that this is a special night for Van in Spain.
Rarely circulated these shows passed auCDTect Report and are 100% Flac I did find a few SBE’s here and there but did not want to reflac them. Deciding that leaving the files exactly as they were graciously given to me from my friend Norm was the best thing to do.
Perfect! Amazing! Brilliant Concert
(Much Respect & Appreciation  Norm for these mind blowing gems!)
FreeMorrison,  January 5th, 2012

Bootleg: Van Morrison - London, England (08/16/08)


Van Morrison
London, England
August 16, 2008

Download FLAC: Mediafire

01 Domino
02 Tupelo Honey, Why Must I Always Explain?
03 Saint Dominic’s Preview
04 Keep It Simple
05 That’s Entrainment
06 Soul 07 Ballerina
08 The Way Young Lovers Do
09 Wavelength
10 Comfortably Numb
11 In The Afternoon , Ancient History, Joe Turner Sings

01 Wild Night
02 Moondance
03 Bright Side Of The Road
04 Have I Told You Lately
05 Behind The Ritual
06 And The Healing Has Begun
07 Brown Eyed Girl
08 Gloria

LINEAGE: Unknown DAT equipment > Creative > Cool-Edit Pro > flac level 6 > you

Notes from FreeMorrison:

FFP,MD5,auCDTectReport (all files 100% Flac), Info & Track List text, and New 300dpi Digitaly Enhanced Art Work Included. (New style Front Slip Cover, picture of a couple taking a stroll in front of the KenWood House, and Back CD Cover is oil painting of the 1st Kenwood House circa 1600’s) This is not the single disc SBD edition – until I hear different I believe this is the uncirculated 2 Disc Audience Recording of Van Live @ The Kenwood House August 16th, 2008. The sound clarity is very good to awesome, and could be confused with a SBD recording. Thanks to all my friends who helped me try and track down the original art work, and BTR for helping me get some things correct.

The Van Morrison Band
John Plantania:    Guitars
Sarah Joy :   Steel Slide Guitar, Banjo
Neil Wilkinonson:   Drums
Paul Moore:   Bass
Tony Fitzgibbon:  Violin, Mandolin
Bobby Ruggiero:  Drums, Percussion
Paul Moran:   Keyboards, Trumpet
Kattie Kisson:   Backing Vocals
Vanesa Haynes:   Backing Vocals

Between 2004-2006, other live performances from were captured and compiled onto four discs under the title MAGIC MOMENTS – LIVE TRACKS FROM VAN’S WEBSITE, VOLUME 1, 2, 3 & 4. 
Track details and artwork are available at under “Samplers”.
FreeMorrison January 23rd, 2012

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Bootleg: Van Morriosn - Naked in the Jungle: Van Morrison Gets His Chance to Wail, Vol. 2

van morrison naked in the jungle

Van Morrison
Naked in the jungle
Van Morrison Gets His Chance to Wail, Vol. 2

Download: FLAC/MP3

liberated boot cd
my silver>eac>flac
Gold Standard SIAE ANA-728
(Released ??; Made in Italy)
art work included

Tracks 1-6: studio demos, recorded 1969-1971
1.Wild Night (5:18)
2.Brand New Day (5:58)
3.When The Evening Sun Goes Down (2:19)
4.Nobody Really Knows (6:05)
5.Caravan (4:46)
6.The Way Young Lovers Do (3:41)
Tracks 7-16: studio recordings, 1974-1976
7.Spare Me A Little (with Jackie DeShannon) (2:34)
8.You’ve Got The Power (3:34)
9.Try For Sleep (5:30)
10.Naked In The Jungle (3:46)
11.And The Streets Only Knew Her Name (7:03)
12.Grits Ain’t Groceries (3:51)
13.Don’t Change On Me (4:18)
14.Down To Earth (4:34)
15.Mechanical Bliss (3:46)
16.Real, Real Gone (3:19)
Track 17: recorded live, late 1980’s
17.Foreign Window (with Bob Dylan) (4:12)*
Total time: (74:36)
*w/ Bob Dylan

Van Morrison - London, England (07/24/73) "For Rainbow"

1973_07_24_RainbowSet_front copy

Van Morrison
Rainbow Theatre
London, England
July 24, 1973

Download: FLAC/MP3

I previously posted the original bootleg “For Rainbow” of this show. Apparently the FLAC files I uploaded were corrupt. I do have it on disk somewhere and will eventually repost it. For now please enjoy these two different remasters of it. Unfortunately the original show had a couple of extra songs that are now missing. Sorry about that. – Mat

Warm Love *
Take your Hands Out Of My Pocket
Here Comes The Night
I Just Want To Make Love To You
Brown Eyed Girl
Moonshine Whiskey
Help Me
Cyprus Avenue
Wild Night *

BONUS (lost tracks from this concert,on audio CD only)
I Paid The Price *
Saint Dominic’s Preview *
Gloria [cut, Dave Fanning talking over) *

LineUp :
Van Morrison : Vocals
John Platania – guitar
Jeff Labes – keyboards
Jack Schroer – saxophones
Bill Atwood – trumpet
David Hayes – bass
Dahaud Shaar – drums
Terry Adams – cello
Nancy Ellis – viola
Tom Halpin – violin
Tim Kovatch – violin
Nathan Rubin – violin

Source 1:
4-Eyed Freak remastering
Sources :
Tracks 1-11 from the 27 may 1974 original BBC “simulcast” : audio come from the stereo radio feed, video come from a rare VHS recording of the BBC2 broadcast.
Track 12 “Wild Night” : audio comes from the 31 dec 1975 OGWT BB2 broadcast, video comes from a dutch repeat in 1980.
Tracks 13-15 “I Paid the price”, “Saint Dominic’s Preview” and “Gloria” come from the RTE 1974 broadcast.
Audio :
1-12 : Master tape > WAV 44.1 kHz > WAV 48 KHz > Remastering and speed correction > WAV 44.1 KHz > FLAC
13-15 : Master tape > WAV 44.1 kHz > FLAC > WAV > Remastering and speed correction > FLAC
Notes (thanks to and to the Van Morrison Website)
The Rainbow Theatre show was first broadcasted by the BBC2 as part of the Old Grey Whistle Test on the 27 may 1974. It was aired simultaneously on stereo FM radio and on mono TV. This was one of the earliest stereo radio broadcasts, and the first simultaneous TV/radio broadcast of a “rock” concert.
It was repeated on the 9 oct 1980 on BBC2 as well. ALL the previous copies that are in circulation (known as “Over The Rainbow” and “Under The Rainbow”) are from the 1980 rebroadcast.
“Over the Rainbow” is a bad quality stereo recording (according to the Hayward website : [Over the Rainbow] sounds as though it could’ve been taken straight from a notoriously bad-sounding LP). “Under the Rainbow” is better, but it’s mono.
What’s more, they are very incomplete. “Warm Love” was only aired on the initial BBC 1974 broadcast and dropped after that from future broadcasts. “Wild Night”, “I Paid the price”, “Saint Dominic’s Preview” and “Gloria” have never been broadcasted on BBC but only on a 1980 Dutch broadcast (WN) or on a 1974 Irish broadcast by RTE (IPTP, SDP, G). Hence, those 5 tracks seldom (or never) circulated before.
Same issues with the videos/DVDs previously circulating : they all come from the 1980 repeat, have a medium to very bad image and sound quality, and all are mono.
SAW did a fantastic work in researching and finding good recordings of both the original 1974 video and stereo radio broadcasts.
The rare “lost” tracks were unearthed from Harm’s archives. Their sound quality is much lower than the other sources, that’s why they are given as “bonus”.
The challenge was then to remaster the sound from old audio tape sources (first generation from stereo off-air, but recorded onto low grade cassettes as most people did at the time) and to synchronise it to the video that originaly had a bad mono sound. Of course, the audio tape had a dramaticaly bad pitch and a very irregular speed, so it had to be adjusted every 30 seconds. I now know what purgatory looks like.
The incomplete “Wild Night” video that came separated was then merged to the BBC source, without cutting the end of the song as it originaly was.
So here it is for you : the most complete and best quality (untill we find a reel-to-reel recording, or Van releases it) package of both the video and audio versions, in full stereo.
Enjoy it !

Source 2:
This Capture:
BBC 2 TV Edited Broadcast (Can’t Confirm Date)
Although this Capture is Mono the sound is far superior to the circulating Stereo (and Mono)
copies, much more solid and clean.
The first Broadcast was an Early Simulcast and the balance was pretty rough and off centre as
can be heard on Van Morrison For Radio set. I recorded that myself and scrapped the result.
LINEAGE: Tandberg 3900SD > Soundforge PRO 10c > FLAC Level 8
Capture, Mastering & Artwork, JTT

Bootleg: Van Morrison - Hamburg, Germany (06/04/89)

Van Morrison
Hamburg, Germany
FM-Broadcast from Norddeutscher Rundfunk ( NDR2 )

Download: FLAC/MP3

001. Yeah Yeah ( Georgie Fame )
002. Aint It Funny ( Georgie Fame )
003. Whenever God Shines His Light
004. Tore Down A La Rimbaud
005. Vanlose Stairway
006. Itís All In The Game
007. Orangefield
008. When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God
009. Help Me
010. Northern Muse ( Solid Ground )
011. These Are The Days
012. Summertime In England
013. Iíd Love To Write Another Song
014. Caravan
015. Moondance

Bootleg: Van Morrison - Anaheim, CA (11/16/74) "Dark Shades of the Soul, Vol. 4"

van morrison

Van Morrison
Anaheim California
November 16th 1974
Dark Shades of Soul VOL. IV

Download: FLAC, MP3

Audience Recording
Recorded by Bill Craven
Source: Sony stereo recorder with duel element mics
Lineage: aud reel > ? cd > eac (secure) > mkwACT > shn>
01 – Intro Of Band Members, Intro for Van
02 – Naked In The Jungle
03 – Wild Children
04 – Bulbs
05 – Into The Mystic
06 – Help Me
07 – Cul De Sac ^
08 – Joyous Sound
09 – I Believe
10 – Listen To The Lion ** (Fades)
11 – (Fades), I’ve Been Working ***
12 – Take Your Hand Out Of My Pocket
13 – Twilight Zone
14 – Moondance, Fever, Intros, Moondance
15 – Brown Eyed Girl
An ok sounding audience recording. There’s lots of crowd noise.
^ – Very rare performance of song “Cul De Sac”. This was the last time this was performed live. Van has an awesome saxaphone solo during this. the only other time this song performed was 10-18-1974
Band Members
Van Morrison – guitars, keys, harmonica, alto saxaphone & vocals
Pete Wingfield – piano & backing vocals
Peter Van Hooke – drums & backing vocals
Jerome Rimson – bass & backing vocals
Notes from original uploader:
THIS is Van’s Last Live Full Show Performance that was recorded before he went on his Hiatus until 1978. He did perform the next night 11-17-74 in Sacramento, CA. at the Memorial Auditorium but no recording or setlist has surfaced yet.
A Must Have for Van the Man fans. To many Highlights. The entire show is Exceptional in Sound, Setlist and Performance from the 4 Man Van Band

Van Morrison - Hilversum, The Netherlands (06/22/77)

V.M. WonderlandTapes alt (06.22.77) FRONT
Van Morrison
Vara Studios
Hilversum, Netherlands

Download: FLAC/MP3

I previously posted an MP3 only version of CD1. – Mat

CD 1
Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So
Nobody’s Fault But Mine
Foggy Mountain Top
I’ll Go Crazy
Baby, Please Don’t Go
Santa Rosalia
Joyous Sound
You Gotta Make It Through The World
I Just Wanna Make Love To You
Shakin’ All Over
The Eternal Kansas City
Cold Wind in August

CD 2 – Video Feed
Santa Rosalia
Cold Wind in August
You Gotta Make It Through the World
I Just Wanna Make Love To You
Shakin’ All Over
The Eternal Kansas City
Cold Wind in August
Hallelujah I Just Love Her So
Nobody’s Fault But Mind
Foggy Mountain Top
I’ll Go Crazy
Baby Please Don’t Go