Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bootleg: Van Morrison - Mechanical Bliss


Van Morrison
Mechanical Bliss
an attempt to reconstruct
Van Morrison’s unreleased 1975 album

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I’m Not Waiting For You
Joyous Sound
Naked in the Jungle
You Move Me
Feedback on Highway 101
Much Binding in the March (Instrumental)
I Shall Sing
Mechanical Bliss
Laughing in the Wind
T For Texas
Come on Out Child
This is not the Twilight Zone
There There Child
When I Deliver
Flamingos Fly
It Hurts to Want it So Bad
I Have Finally Come to Realize
Streets Only Know Your Name
Foggy Mountain Top

Notes from Mat Brewster

In the mid 1970s there was a lot of talk about Van releasing a new album tentatively titled Mechanical Bliss (but also sometimes called Naked in the Jungle, Stiff Upper Lip & Not Working For You). The album never materialized but sessions from it have popped up in bootleg circles. I’ve seen at least a couple of attempts to reconstruct it. I no longer remember where I got this copy and can no longer find the original notes that came with it. You can find some pretty long winded notes on my original post, and the old Van-the-Man blog has more info. As you can see there are various track lists for this thing. This is what I have so this is what you get. Pretty cool stuff.

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